David Messum Fine Art Ltd

  • Contacts David Messum, Cheska Hill-Wood
  • Opening hours Open Monday-Friday 10-6; Saturday by appointment

British Impressionism, modern British and contemporary art and sculpture


Established in 1963, David Messum continues to expand the family business with a principal London venue in the heart of St. James’s. The gallery, a prestigious space over two floors, offers the chance to view works of art by 19th and 20th Century British artists, on whose names the reputation of the company was founded, together with a regularly changing exhibition program focusing on the Contemporary artists and Artist Estates represented by David Messum.

As well as sourcing and offering for sale an exceptional range of works by British Impressionist, Modern British and Contemporary artists, the gallery provides a comprehensive service to collectors and clients supporting and advising on conservation, restoration and framing.


David Blackburn (1939-2016)

Lionel Bulmer (1919-1992)

Ronald Sydney Embleton (1930-1988)

Michael Forster (1907-2002)

Derek Gardner (1914-2007)

Anthony Gilbert (1916-1995)

Wilfrid Gabriel de Glehn (1870-1951)

Jane Emmet de Glehn (1873-1961)

Margaret Green (1925-2003)

Rose Hilton (1931-2019)

Lucy Elizabeth Kemp-Welch (1869-1958)

Eardley Knollys (1902-1991)

John Miller (1931-2002)

Lucien Monod (1867 – 1957)

Norman Neasom (1915-2010)

Miles Richmond (1922-2008)

Zsuzsi Roboz (1929-2012)

Jean-Marie Toulgouat (1927-2006)

Michael Upton (1938-2002)

George Weissbort (1928-2013)

Peter Prendergast (1946-2007)

Dame Laura Knight RA (1877-1970)

Harold Knight (1874-1961)

Dod Procter (1890-1972)

Richard Eurich RA NEAC (1903-1992)

Mary Fedden OBE RA LG (1915-2012)

Dame Elisabeth Frink OBE RA (1930-1993)

Spencer Frederick Gore NEAC (1878-1914)

Duncan Grant (1885-1978)

John Minton (1917-1957)

Sir Cedric Morris (1889-1982)

Mary Newcomb (1922-2008)

Winifred Nicholson NEAC (1893-1981)

Ernest R. Ireland Blackburne (1864-1947)

Frank Bramley RA NEAC (1857-1915)

Sir Frank Brangwyn RA (1867-1956)

Stanhope Alex Ander Forbes RA NEAC (1857-1947)

Thomas Cooper Gotch NEAC (1854-1931)

Arthur Hacker RA (1858-1919)

Edwin Harris (1855-1906)

Harold Harvey (1874-1941)

Frederick William Jackson (1859-1918)

Robert Jobling (1841-1923)

Walter Langley (1852-1922)

Ernest Rigg (1868-1947)

Theodore Casimir Roussel NEAC (1847-1926)

Frederick Stead (1863-1940)

Philip Wilson Steer OM NEAC (1860-1942)

Edward William Stott ARA NEAC (1859-1918)

Henry Herbert La Thangue RA NEAC (1859-1929)

Jeremy Annear (b.1949)

Jake Attree (b.1950)

Peter Brown (b.1967)

Simon Carter (b.1961)

Alan Cotton (b.1938)

Nancy Delouis (b.1941)

Steve des Landes (b.1962)

James Dodds (b.1957)

Maxwell Doig (b.1966)

Brian Horton (b.1933)

Robina Jack (b.1948)

Sean Jefferson (b.1957)

Martyn R. Mackrill (b.1962)

David Parfitt (b.1943)

Benedict Rubbra (b.1938)

Daphne Todd (b.1947)

David Tress (b.1955)