Alon Zakaim Fine Art

  • Contacts Owner and Director - Alon Zakaim, Gallery Director - Ben Springett
  • Opening hours Mon - Fri 9 - 6, Sat by appointment

Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary Art, 19th Century Paintings and Sculpture


Alon Zakaim Fine Art strives to be a leader in Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary art.

Dealing in a wide range of work, the gallery exhibits a distinguished collection of high-quality paintings and sculptures. Throughout the calendar year, Alon Zakaim Fine Art presents a diverse sequence of solo and group exhibitions to the public. The exhibition programme features a variation of artists, with only the finest works selected.

Alongside the major Impressionist artists including Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Camille Pissarro, and key Modern works by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Fernand Léger, and Marc Chagall, the gallery features solo exhibitions of both up and coming artists and established names on the contemporary art market.

List of Artists:
Agar, Eileen
Bonnard, Pierre
Botero, Fernando
Boudin, Eugene
Braque, Georges
Brown, Glenn
Camoin, Charles
Chagall, Marc
Dali, Salvador
Degas, Edgar
Delaunay, Sonia
Dufy, Raoul
Frost, Terry
Gauguin, Paul
Herbin, Auguste
Hirst, Damien
Kandinsky, Wassily
Le Sidaner, Henri
Lebasque, Henri
Leger, Fernand
Lipchitz, Jacques
Lhote, Andre
Loiseau, Gustave
Martin, Henri
Matisse, Henri
Monet, Claude
Moore, Henry
Picasso, Pablo
Pissarro, Camille
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste
Severini, Gino
Sisley, Alfred
van Dongen, Kees
van Gogh, Vincent
Vlaminck, de Maurice
Warhol, Andy
Zadkine, Ossip
Zandomeneghi, Federico