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Photography and Associated Media


The Michael Hoppen Gallery opened in 1992 and is founded on a passion for photography. As a gallery we are renowned for nurturing the careers of new and interesting artists and exhibiting them alongside acknowledged nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first century photographic masters.   We provide both a white-wall arena for our contemporary artists and a more intimate, book and wood lined context for the smaller and more eclectic works we exhibit.

The breadth of our collection is mirrored in the diversity of our collector base. Our clients range from public and private museums, corporate collections and experienced collectors to those who are embarking upon their first photographic purchase. We aim to present all those who come to the gallery with something unexpected; to broaden their perception of what photography can be while providing the expertise to understand it. As such we maintain a vigorous publishing program to compliment our exhibitions and expose our artists to a broader audience.

In 2007 we published Eyes of an Island in conjunction with a major exhibition of influential Japanese photography from 1945 to the present day. Over the last eight years we have cemented our relationship with Japan and now have one of the most extensive collections of post-war Japanese photography outside of Asia. We are proud to represent many important Japanese Estates and artists.

The last two decades has seen photography grow from a marginalised art form to one of the mainstays of the contemporary art world. Although collaborating with numerous non-photo specific collections and institutions we still enjoy the boundaries imposed upon us by the photographic medium. As T.S Elliot so adroitly noted “When forced to work within a strict framework, the imagination is taxed to its utmost and will produce its richest ideas”. Photography constantly pushes the boundaries that define it, and as such we are constantly delighted and challenged by the artists we work with. We hope you, our audience, are equally intrigued.

Artists Represented:

  • Nobuyoshi Araki
  • Peter Beard
  • Bill Brandt
  • Albarrán Cabrera
  • Jean Curran
  • Siân Davey
  • John Davies
  • Eamonn Doyle
  • Michael Eastman
  • Dr Harold Edgerton
  • Lucas Foglia
  • Fernand Fonssagrives
  • Manuel Franquelo
  • Masahisa Fukase
  • Juana Gómez
  • Hiroshi Hamaya
  • Kati Horna
  • Eikoh Hosoe
  • Ishiuchi Miyako
  • Charles Jones
  • Kikuji Kawada
  • Jacques Henri Lartigue
  • Thomas Mailaender
  • Sarah Moon
  • Daido Moriyama
  • Sohei Nishino
  • Simon Norfolk
  • Paolo Pellegrin
  • Edward Quinn
  • Chloe Sells
  • Joseph Szabo
  • Shomei Tomatsu
  • André Villers
  • Tim Walker
  • Bradford Washburn
  • Harley Weir
  • Brett Weston
  • Yusuke Yamatani